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How to Start Standing at Work

July 06, 2023 3 min read

How to Start Standing at Work
After being told to “sit down” from our earliest days, thinking about standing at your desk can be a big mental shift. But if you are intentional on a few points, you can be on your way to enjoying a more active lifestyle. 

Sit Some, Stand Some When you look for a standing desk, remember that you'll want to sit sometimes, too. Don’t get roped into a stationary desk that only allows you to stand. When you’ve had a long Monday or don’t feel your best, you’re going to want to take a seat without rearranging your desk. What you’re looking for is flexibility. The ultimate goal is frequent movement and change.

Cushion Your Feet When you’re standing at your desk, you’ll be on your feet for much longer than you would be otherwise. But there’s no reason you can’t be comfortable! A high-quality standing mat will make it easier to stand on even the most unforgiving of floors. An even better option is the  Active Office Board. Itis functional, fun and adjustable. The AOB is the best of all worlds: keeping you cushioned, moving and balanced while standing.

Consider Your Shoes Standing and moving for much more of your workday means you’ll need to consider your feet and stability. Some shoes are made for fashion and others are made for athletics. A good balance in your foot wear will provide you with the balance you’ll need to benefit from standing at work.

Check Your Posture You know you’ve found your perfectly-raised desk height when resting your hands on your desk, your elbows are bent at 90 degrees. Verify with this visual guide.

Channel Your Fidgeting Adjust the silent, non-marking legs on your Active Office Board from a simple standing platform to a way to rock and roll, stretch your legs and shift your weight all while enjoying the kind of cushioning you need. Or try another way to keep moving and blood flowing withFitFoot - it has silent operation too!

Pace Yourself Some people prefer to slowly make the transition to standing. You can always start off with standing a portion of every hour. Every time you sit down, set a timer for 30 or 60 minutes so you’ll be reminded to get back to a more active stance.

Discover the Perch When you’re switching between sitting in your office chair and standing, you may find yourself wishing for a Goldilocks option: something that lets you maintain a healthy posture and back while taking a load off your feet. That’s why VARIDESK created theVARI Active Seat– a perching solution that acts as a third option – to keep your body active and your core engaged while relieving your feet. TheCoreChair Pro offers an even more upscale touch. Find more active sitting optionsfor all needs and budgets in our Active Sitting collection.

Find Your Rhythm Everybody’s preference is unique, but some people find it best to stand after lunch or as an alternative to a mid-afternoon cup of coffee. You might find that you love standing first thing in the morning, energizing you for the day ahead. Several people have told us that they stand at their desks while taking calls – they feel more empowered and action-oriented. Pay attention to when you could most use an extra boost, and don’t be afraid to set reminders on your calendar for your favourite time to stand.

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