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Don't be sidelined by Plantar Fasciitis

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on't let plantar fasciitis keep you from the life you love! The ThermaWedge has been clinically studied and endorsed by physicians and therapists for treating plantar fasciiitis and Achillles tendon injuries. It combines all five of the recommended treatments in one device to reduce pain, enhance mobility, and improve foot and ankle strength.

  • Relieves pain & promotes healing
  • Lightweight, portable & easy to use while standing or sitting
  • Provides calf & plantar fascia stretching, toe dorsiflexion & massage

Daily use of the ThermaWedge® stretching device and supportive footwear may prevent the onset of painful, debilitating injuries that commonly afflicts healthy, active adults.

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5-in-1 Treatment Device
Core Benefits
  • Provides calf & plantar fascia stretching, toe dorsiflexion & massage
  • Convenient rehabilitation tool to relieve plantar fasciitis pain & promote healing
Specs & Features
  • Padded incline comfortable for foot & ankle stretching & strengthening
  • Lightweight & portable for use at home or office
  • Comes with natural cork roller / cross-friction massage tool, cooling or warming heel pad & instruction sheet
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1 in 10 people will be sidelined by Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the most common work related injury claim made by individuals who stand for long periods of time. It is also a major concern for athletes, particularly runners and jumpers. ThermaWedge® is the complete 5-in-1 treatment for plantar fasciitis heel pain. Patented and recommended by podiatrists, physicians and physiotherapists, the lightweight ThermaWedge® device provides effective relief from the burning pain of plantar fasciitis. It's a portable rehab tool that can be used both at home and in the workplace to build and maintain foot and ankle strength, flexibility and mobility while providing cooling, warming and therapeutic stretching of the calves and plantar fascia.

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