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Naboso Splay

1st Gen Model For Optimal Toe Alignment

Recover your natural foot shape to optimize movement. Naboso® Splay stretches the small muscles of the foot, realigning toe position to help improve balance, stability, gait and posture.

Can be used in combination with any of the Naboso® Insoles to enhance overall foot function and movement.

*One size fits most foot sizes*

Includes: One pair of toe separators, small carrying bag and a QR code for video and other information.

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  • Restores feet back to natural shape with consistent use
  • Improve balance, foot stability & flexibility
  • Improve ability to create & maintain a proper arch
  • Reduces pain & improves circulation
  • Easy to use starting with just 15 minutes a day
  • Washable with light soap & warm water

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Made in China

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