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sku: RB364

React Board 364

Reactive Balance - 360 Degrees of Rotation and Up to 4 Inches of Translation


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The React Board 364 is a trainer/therapist or user moveable platform designed to build balance through lateral shifting movement. With 4 inches of translation and 360 degrees of rotation it comes with a centre dial to adjust the level of friction, slowing the motion or stopping it altogether to allow for rotation-only training.

  • Build balance & range of motion through lateral movement & rotation
  • RAW board can be placed on top of the React Board for added complexity of rocker or wobble board motions
  • Centre control for speed & rotation adjustments to suit all users

Improve neuro-muscular control and speed, decrease risk of falls and mechanical injuries, and decrease rehabilitation time with revolutionary patented balance training tool.

  • Improve reactive balance & range of motion
  • Decrease risk of falls & mechanical injuries such as sprians & strains
  • Great for clinics & home rehabilitation with adjustability in friction & speed to suit all users
  • Lateral shifting provides instability for balance training not available in other boards
  • Combine with RAW board for more complex rocker / wobble motion