sku: RADH

RAD Helix

Recover Like a Pro! The RAD Helix is a compact foam roller alternative designed to protect the spine with a specially shaped channel no traditional foam roller can match.

Also great for calves, quads, hamstrings & hips Made from specially designed polymer it's BPA, Latex & Plastic free Soft enough for whole-muscle rolling, yet strong enough for heavy-duty use.

Slide theRAD Rod, found Here, through the centre of your RAD Helix to target areas like the back and IT bands with precision massage. (think: foam roller with handles).

  • Flush out toxins & enhance range of motion
  • Protects spine with unique groove
  • Combines with RAD Rod for precision massage rolling
  • Soft for whole-muscle rolling yet strong for heavy-duty use
  • BPA, Latex & Plastic free
  • Made of specially-designed polymer
  • User guide included

Manufactured In:
Made in China