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sku: PS500

ProStretch Original Stretcher - Large (Wood)

The Runner's Friend!

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The ProStretch Original Wooden Calf and Foot Stretcher helps relieve and stretch the plantar fascia, calf, foot and hamstring muscles far more effectively than conventional methods.

  • Unique rocker design holds foot in optimal position
  • Relieve & prevent foot, leg & heel pain
  • Durable & heavy duty for larger foot sizes & users over 250lbs

The ProStretch is biomechanically acurate and efficient for a foot and leg stretch that increases flexibility and enhances overall performance. For lighter users and smaller foot sizes find the ProStretch Original Stretcher Blue Here

  • Alleviate plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel pain, tight calves & hamstrings
  • Holds foot in optimal position for foot & leg stretch
  • Improve flexibility & overall performance
  • Slip-resistant pads keep device in place
  • Durable, lightweight & portable
  • Includes stretching guide
  • Fits adult shoes 14-21
  • Weight limit of 350lbs

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Made in USA