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ProStretch Shoulder Flex

Regain Flexibility and Improve Mobility

Introducing the ProStretch Shoulder Flex – your solution to reclaiming and preserving shoulder and rotator cuff flexibility. Its innovative design empowers users to target specific muscles by leveraging the arm in diverse positions, effectively enhancing flexibility.

Ideal for

  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Post Rotator Cuff Operation
  • Active Assisted Range of Motion Exercises
  • Stretching Post-Workout

Whether recovering from surgery or injury, or aiming to sustain a functional range of motion, the Shoulder Flex is your key to unlocking newfound flexibility and mobility.


  • Adjustable design fits any arm and helps keep track of stretching progress
  • Compact & portable
  • Easily dismantle into 3 parts to take anywhere
  • Includes stretching guide
  • Safely reduce scar tissue buildup



Manufactured In:
Made in USA

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