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Pro Fitter Physio Kit

A Rehabilitation Favourite - The Original 'FUNctional' 3D Cross Trainer


Unlock newfound confidence and overcome injury hurdles with the Pro Fitter. Trusted by rehabilitation professionals worldwide, it empowers patients to conquer physical and emotional barriers. From enhancing proprioceptive development to boosting muscular stabilization and joint mobilization, the Pro Fitter delivers unparalleled effectiveness. Experience strength gains and renewed motivation, paving the way for an active lifestyle with fewer injuries. Crafted based on the input of PT's and AT's, the Pro Fitter Physio Kit offers the flexibility needed to cater to patients at various levels. Elevate your rehabilitation journey with the Pro Fitter today.
The Pro Fitter is challenging, fun and easy to learn! Suitable for all ages and abilities, everyone can see the immediate results of cross training with the Pro Fitter! More than just a ski machine:
  • More like a sport than an exercise.
  • 20+ exercises to improve leg, core and upper body strength and stability.
  • Better balance, coordination and overall agility.

Since 1985, athletes and medical experts worldwide have depended on the Pro Fitter to improve sport performance, rehabilitate injuries and increase overall quality of life.

Kit ContainsPro Fitter, Soft Ankle Board, Hard Ankle Board, Balance Aids & Laminated Exercise Chart

Made in Canada 🇨🇦

The Pro Fitter Physio Kit Includes:

  • A pair of 51" Balance Aids to assist those with limited balance skill
  • A Hard Ankle Board for progression leading up to using the Soft Ankle Board
  • A laminated exercise guide with 20 functional exercises for upper body, core and lower body exercises
  • Independently flexing and rotating footpads
  • Six different, easily interchangeable levels of difficulty
  • Attachable soft ankle board for sitting, standing and upper body work
  • Support information on general conditioning and rehabilitation

A few of the many benefits you will experience are:

  • Improve balance, coordination and overall agility
  • Enhanced functional upper body, lower body, and core strength and stability
  • Develop faster and more precise reaction time
  • Improved cardiovascular endurance
  • Improved proprioception, reducing the risk of sports injury
  • Excellent for pre-season and mid-season ski cross training for all ages
  • Pro Fitter's unique design incorporates strength, balance and the rhythmic weight transfer of skiing into your workout
  • Pro Fitter's attachable ankle boards open the door to creative 3D movement and angles, useful for athletes who need skill, strength and core stability as part of their sport
All Levels Pro Fitter unique design allows it to be adjust up 6 different tension setting allowing safe use for every skill level from Green beginner to Double Black Diamond advanced. The padded SAB (Soft Ankle Board) can be used to sit for core strengthening or with the hands for Closed Chain Shoulder rehab. It can also be stood on with both feet as a more stable single base for ankle rehab and R.O.M. The independent flexing rotating foot pads require a little higher skill set as each foot stabilizes independently. Tension setting, speed and distance of travel will dictate if the user is operating at a green, blue or black diamond skill level. Try the Fitter challenge which involves timing how many end cap contacts you can make is 30, 45 and 60 seconds. It takes speed, total body control, excellent form and awesome anaerobic cardio conditioning / strength. Lets us know your best number at sales17@fitter1.com. Better yet send us a YouTube clip of you in action and win!

Manufactured In:
Made in Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Greg Harvey
Great dry-land ski machine!

We really like this machine. The members of my gym used it until the bearings went on the first one so I bought another. It's one great balance tools of many available by Fitter First and the price is worth the value. I would recommend it.

Ann Rugh

I LOVE THE FITTER. Purchased it nearly 15 years ago and I use it and my clients use it. Great balance, strength and endurance results. It has lasted very well also. It is worth the money.

mark a. Nelson
Love my Fitter

I have owned my fitter for more than 20 years and use it every week ! fantastic!

Best Purchase EVER!

Absolutely love my Fitter and get my highest recommendation to anyone wanting to tone, strengthen and improve overall coordination....best of all it's fun to use! I love that it's such a versatile piece of equipment for whole body balance & strength conditioning. I will enjoy using my Fitter for many years to come & if I ever do wear it out, I'll purchase another one!

Dave Anderson
Love It

I used the Fitter while on rehab at our hospital and just had to have my own for at home. I became wheel Chair bound (probably permanent)in December 2014. I enjoy the work out that is possible while on my wheels. Strength builder for my lower body. Worth every $ to me. Thanks for a great product