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Laevo Exoskeletons

Protect Against Back Injuries

  • SIZE LARGE in stock. Additional sizing available by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY - please emailsales@fitter1.com for pricing and availability

Laevo exoskeletons are your partner in preventing back injuries and enhancing your quality of life. Designed to provide passive chest and back support, these innovative exoskeletons alleviate strain on your body while seamlessly adapting to your every move.

The springs effortlessly store energy as you bend, then release it as you straighten up, reducing the effort and fatigue typically associated with repetitive motions.

Safeguard against back injuries and empower individuals to work longer, feel more at ease, and return home with renewed energy with multiple energy-storing spring systems ingeniously integrated into our exoskeletons.

In high-risk professions where back injuries are a constant concern, Laevo exoskeletons offer continuous protection against overexertion and harmful loads. By minimizing absenteeism and disabilities, companies can embrace sustainable employability practices, foster a culture of excellent employer-employee relationships, and significantly cut down on costs.

  • Take strain & weight off your back while you work
  • Make bending, lifting, flexing & squatting easy
  • Protect your back & spine in heavy-lifting or leaning
  • 5 sizes with 3 adjustments to custom fit every user
  • Smart Joint allows hinging at hip
  • On-Off switch turns unit on or off as needed
  • Chest pad oscillates with every step or twist
  • Support angle adjustable from 0 to 35 degrees with an easy to reach button

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