sku: SLRVL

Smart Covered Toner

The New Safety Standard for Resistance Toners

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The Smart Covered Toners are the most durable exercise cables available. The nylon sheathing acts as a safety sleeve with reinforced connections to the handles to reduce wear & over-stretching that can lead to injury.

  • Nylon cover protects from contact with the Latex tubing
  • Protects tubing from UV light damage & drying out, extending lifespan
  • Plastic handles with reinforced webbing straps ideal for heavy use

These Smart Covered Toners are 4ft long, making them ideal for a wide variety of exercises. Combine with a Smart Door Anchor for even more versatility.

  • Ideal for high-use areas
  • Improves strength & tones muscles
  • Protects from latex irritation
  • Double the lifespan of other resistance cables
  • Easy to clean handles
  • 4ft tubing fits into most exercise routines

Manufactured In:
Made in Thailand