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Fitterfirst Combobble Board

The Combination of Two Great Fitterfirst Balance Boards

The revolutionary Combobble Board is a fusion of innovation and functionality inspired by the feedback of our valued customers at Fitterfirst! Combining the best features of our Professional Balance Boards and the rectangular top of the Combo Board, this board offers a unique and challenging experience for trainers of all levels.

  • Tri-level adjustable sphere for easy customization of difficulty levels, allowing you to progress at your own pace and continually challenge yourself.
  • Advanced design makes it ideal for athletic training, providing a dynamic wide stance platform to enhance stability, coordination, and strength.
  • Incorporate into your exercise routine for dynamic balance training, improving functional movement patterns and overall fitness performance.

Unleash the full potential of your workouts with the Combobble Board - perfect for intensifying high-level fitness exercises like squats and tosses. Built to withstand rigorous use, its durable construction ensures reliability even in high-traffic settings such as clubs and gyms.

Made in Canada 🇨🇦

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  • Patented tri-level to quickly adjust between 10, 12, & 15 degree angles for greater challenge
  • 24" wide for aggressive athletic stances
  • Improve balance, strength & proprioception
  • Build core & lower body strength
  • Safe, non-slip surface for any type of footwear or bare feet
  • Made from durable 3/4-inch birch plywood suitable for commercial use - up to 400lbs

Intermediate / Advanced


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Made in Canada

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