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Build Immense Core Power





Bodyblade® is the most simple and yet effective, core-strengthening tool you'll ever use. When in use, the blade flexes back and forth rapidly contracting your muscles up to 270 times per minute, stimulating your nervous system, and transforming your body. Bodyblade will build your body from the center out to develop stability, providing you with a strong, well balanced, and functional body.

This super simple, highly efficient core tool is also marvelously quiet, allowing you to get fit in minutes - at home or the office.

  • Use it alone or as a complement to other tools including a FitterFirst Balance board.
  • Great for conditioning, strengthening, training or in rehabilitation.
  • Comes in three sizes based on your height and level of conditioning
  • 40" CXT is the smallest & lightest version, for anyone rehabilitating serious injuries, working on neurological development & for seniors
  • 48" Classic is the most popular size, providing the greatest resistance range of the Bodyblade® line & is designed for the majority of uses from late rehab to athletic training
  • 60" Pro is for larger, stronger & more advanced users, providing the highest resistance rating of the series


  • Improves spinal stability, proprioception, muscle endurance & cardiovascular fitness
  • Strengthens core & arm/shoulder joints
  • Blade flexes silently back & forth at 270 contractions at 4.5hz to contract & release your muscles
  • 3 different models to suit all users
  • Comes with poster, booklet & online training video access

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Made in Taiwan

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