sku: SPKBR

Spiky Body Roller

Improve Your Self-Massage

Spiky Body Rollers are perfectly suited for providing simple, effective massage for the whole body. The cylindrical shape is ideal for use around the spine and foot reflex massage.

  • Increase circulation & improve relaxation
  • Ideal for back & feet but can be used anywhere you need to roll
  • Soft enough to roll over joints & spine safely

These durable Spiky Body Rollers are strong enough for home and clinic use with a 330lb / 150kg weight capacity, and soft massaging nubs that help relieve tension and muscle pain.

  • Ideal for foot reflex massage
  • Relieve muscle & joint pain
  • Stimulate nutrient & blood flow to flush out muscle waste
  • Precision nubs work out knots

Manufactured In:
Made in Germany