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Bender Ball

Fire Up Your Core & More!


INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Get streaming access to 5 full length exercise videos featuring Leslee Bender guiding you through the renowned Bender Method with Bender Ball, Bender Ball 10 Pack and Club Pack Purchases!

Unlock the full potential of your fitness routine with the Bender Ball™ - the ultimate tool for Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Physical Therapy, and core training. Designed with the STM Approach - Stabilize Then Mobilize - in mind, this versatile ball revolutionizes traditional workouts.

Forget endless crunches with limited results. The Bender Ball™ offers extension and flexion movements, engaging muscles comprehensively for maximum effectiveness. Explore a variety of innovative exercises tailored to core strength, overall strength, cardio, and mind-body connection.

  • Inflates like a balloon for safe use between 7 to 9 inches in diameter
  • Easy-grip texture
  • Strong enough to use as a prop behind back during core exercises (not to exceed 300lbs)

Strengthen your core and improve posture with the Bender Ball™, developed by fitness expert Leslee Bender. Portable, economical, and results-driven - it's time to elevate your fitness game with the original small ball that delivers big results.

Get more savings when you buy in bulk! Save 25% on each ball when you purchase 10, or save a 48% per ball when you buy the Club Kit (25 balls).

Each Bender Ball comes with 2 plugs and 2 straws for inflation.

CLUB KIT comes with Heavy Duty Black Nylon Bag with Strap

High Quality Materials: Bender Balls are made of reliable PVC material, not easy to tear or break, soft and comfortable. The unique tactile surface makes it easy to hold without slipping even with profuse sweat. The Bender Ball has been documented in the Journal of Applied Research and studies have shown that utilizing the Bender Ball generates 4 times the workout than an abdominal crunch per each second of exercise. Supports up to 300 lbs Comes with straw for inflation and plug

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Made in China

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