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Fitterfirst Balance Aids

Improve Your Mobility Safely - Self-standing Poles, There When You Need Them

These self-standing Balance Aids are a popular item used to assist individuals with limited balance or in early rehabilitation for additional safety and support, as well as first-time balance board users.

  • Comes as a pair (set of 2 poles)
  • Build better balance & stability safely
  • Can also be used as indoor walking aid for improved mobility

These lightweight poles are easy to assemble and the domed caps are designed to give you a safe hand-hold without a tight grip so you can build confidence in your balance.

  • Build better balance & stability safely
  • Pair with balance board to improve quality of life & movement
  • Lightweight 51" poles with self-standing 9" bases
  • Suited for use with Pro Fitters, Balance Boards, Soft Boards & any other balance products
  • Can be used as an indoor walking aid

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Made in Canada

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