sku: ANKWR

Smart Ankle and Wrist Cuff

Accessory for Smart Resistance Cable System

The Smart Ankle and Wrist Cuff allows you to create your own resistance system to strengthen and tone. Create versatility with your exercise cables by securely attaching them to your wrists, ankles or elbows for a greater range of exercise possibilities.  The patent-pending design makes cable changes faster and easier.

  • Innovative, patented cable pocket design
  • Durable webbing on exterior
  • Comfortable foam padding interior
  • Secure straps fits most ankles or wrists for exercise versatility
  • Allows for angle of resistance flexibility
  • Vary resistance to challenge all muscle groups
  • Isolate hard-to-train muscles
  • Strengthen hips, rotator cuffs, and abductors
  • Perform lateral, front, and back movements

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Made in USA