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Dr. Cohen's Acuback

Sit Straight. Feel Great!

The Only Patented HEATABLE back roller! Dr. Cohen's acuBack works using your own body weight - find a spot and let your body ‘melt’ over the technologically advanced design. With 1.5+ hours of heat it feels amazing in your lower and mid back or behind your shoulder blade. Helps release tight ribs.

  • Releases shin splints, quads, hamstrings, tensor fasciae latae (outer hips) and along the IT band and calves
  • Use the small nibs on the end of your acuBack to release scapula, neck and head tension
  • Quality construction lasts years, water filled, latex free & hypo-allergenic

The Acuback is an incredibly versatile self-care tool that naturally relieves muscle and joint pain, enhances athletic performance & improves posture.

Includes microwave ring, instructions, & easy start guide.


  • Heatable to reach deeper tissues
  • Enhances joint movement, relieves muscle & joint pain
  • Stimulates nutrient & blood flow to flush out muscle waste
  • Precision nibs help work out knots
  • Spine Align Belt opens tight vertebrae

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Made in China

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