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Smart Strength Band Exercise Loops

Add Resistance Or Assistance To Your Workout


Smart Strength Bands are great for customizing your resistance training.  The long, thick loops are available in different strengths - useful for pull-up assistance, stretching, conditioning and rehabilitation.

  • XX-Light (Red) is most versatile, great for joint & warm up exercises but too light for pull ups
  • X-Light (Black) is good for larger muscle groups & beginner pull up assistance
  • Light (Purple) is great for targeting the biggest muscles, pull up assistance, & footwork
  • Medium (Green) is good for static stretching & mobility exercises, & advanced pull up assistance
  • Heavy( Blue) is recommended for very strong & heavier built users due to the strength needed to stretch the band
Providing smooth, constant resistance throughout a range of motion, these bands are versatile, allowing users to add them into their training routines. Easily loops over railings, pull up bars, or hands and feet for an infinite variety of exercise possibilities.
    • Adds resistance to any exercise for improved muscle development & toning
    • Develop cardio, power & strength
    • Add to a routine to challenge or assist
    • Contains rubber latex, use with caution
    • Durable, portable & effective
    • Easy to clean & suitable for club use
    • Loops are 40 inches long & 3/6 inches thick, varying in width & resistance

    Manufactured In:
    Made in Malaysia

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Gail U.

    perfect use it almost daily

    Brody Smith
    Works good

    Got out got physio and it helped better then other bands

    Strong and versatile

    I use these bands for assisted levers with an Equalizer bar, for shoulder distraction warm ups, cool downs and also for assisted band chin ups. They take a lot of body weight and can be used two at a time for strength variances.