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Grip Pro Trainer

Forearm, Hand and Finger Strength Trainer


Supremely effective strength and endurance trainer for fingers, hands and forearms! Get the Grip Pro Trainer in 3 resistance levels for progressive training.

Loved by any athlete or hobbyist who needs good grip strength and healthy hands.

  • Easy Green 30lb Resistance - Ideal for lighter weight users & warming up
  • Medium Black 40lb Resistance - Ideal for average weight men & stronger women
  • Difficult Red 50lb Resistance - Ideal for larger & stronger users, low rep strength training & rock climbers

Manufactured In:
Made in Sri Lanka

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Spartan athlete

I am a Spartan athlete who is dealing with a hip injury. I've been put on bed rest and had been going crazy as not allowed to do anything. I heard about these from a fellow Spartan athlete, and thought - it can't hurt. My grip strength isn't the best so I bought all three of them to work on my grip strength during my time off. And if they don't help my grip strength - well, I have something for stress relief! But I do think it's helping. I could barely budge the middle size one when I began using these 3 weeks ago and now I can do it about halfway. And the red one I could not budge at all and now it has some movement (very little but some when there used to be none!) Neat little tool to have around when watching tv, reading a book, travelling, or like me - dealing with an injury.