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sku: PS100

ProStretch Original Stretcher

The Runner's Friend!

The ProStretch Original Calf and Foot Stretcher helps relieve and stretch the plantar fascia, calf, foot and hamstring muscles far more effectively than conventional methods.

  • Unique rocker design holds foot in optimal position
  • Relieve & prevent foot, leg & heel pain
  • Durable & lightweight for portability

The ProStretch is biomechanically acurate and efficient for a foot and leg stretch that increases flexibility and enhances overall performance. For users needing a weight limit over 250lbs or larger foot sizes find the ProStretch Original Wood Stretcher Here

  • Alleviate plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel pain, tight calves & hamstrings
  • Holds foot in optimal position for foot & leg stretch
  • Improve flexibility & overall performance
  • Slip-resistant pads keep device in place
  • Durable, lightweight & portable
  • Includes stretching guide
  • Fits adult shoes up to size 12
  • Weight limit of 250lbs

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Made in USA

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