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Fitterfirst Maple Balance Beam

Restore Strong, Pain Free Feet


Step up your foot health game with our Natural Maple Hardwood Beams - the ultimate solution for improving balance, foot flexibility, and overall well-being!

These natural maple hardwood beams come with a pair of cradles for stability and support, in either 22" or 44".

  • Improve balance and foot flexibility by going barefoot and engaging all the foot and ankle muscles, promoting strength and stability from hip to foot.
  • Use them in any Active Office™ for foot health breaks, maximizing sensory inputs and feedback from engaged muscles for enhanced performance throughout the day.
  • The unfinished wood surface offers superior grip and easy cleaning, ensuring a secure footing during barefoot stretching and relieving foot pain.

Experience the benefits of barefoot training with our Natural Maple Hardwood Beams. Whether you're seeking to relieve foot pain, challenge your balance, or improve ankle strength, these beams provide the perfect platform for enhancing foot health and overall wellness. Start stepping towards a healthier, stronger you today!

Made In Canada 🇨🇦

  • Designed to bring movement & flexibility back into your feet
  • A great addition to any Active Office or exercise routine
  • Use the curved surface of the bar by standing on it for balance
  • Stretch against the bar to help with foot pain including relieving plantar fasciitis
  • Increase ankle strength & mobility
  • Natural Maple Hardwood is anti-bacterial, washable, & easy to grip

Manufactured In:
Made in Canada

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Vincent R.
Balance beam : A great tool !

Whether for general health or peak performance, you must devote special importance to this tool: the balance beam. It strengthens the foot, contributes to its mobility and has a major, unsuspected impact on our sense of balance and on several other interconnected body regions, no organ of the body is an island, the body is one piece. Simply, a great tool. It's never too late to play, experiment and practice with this tool!!

Jackie D.
Love it

I love this balance beam. I think it’s well made and lovely on the feet.