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Ball Chair Frame

Ball Sold Separately

The Ball Chair Frame turns your 55cm Exercise Ball into a rolling Active Office chair. This frame has 5 legs with pin locks for safety, giving you the best base for your ball. Get all the benefits of sitting on an exercise ball with the stability and movement of an office chair.

  • Maintain proper posture while engaging core muscles
  • Removes compression from the spine - great for relieving back pain
  • Use with any 55cm (21") ball & has 4 height settings to suit most users
  • Helps maintain proper posture while engaging core muscles
  • Encourages subtle movement & increases energy
  • Removes compression from spine
  • Use with any 55cm (21") exercise ball
  • Adjustable legs & locking casters for safety
  • 4 height settings to suit most users
  • Recommended max weight 250lbs

Manufactured In:
Made in Taiwan

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Way to high when using with a regular ball

Returned frame and paid double the shipping to get it back. Hardly worth returning, but didn't know that until I had already shipped it back.

Deanne K.
Good product, just didn’t work for me

The base is strong, well constructed, and adjustable. Unfortunately with my ball in the base and on the lowest setting, it’s too tall for me to comfortably sit on. I sit on the ball at my work desk and wanted a bit of stability but it doesn’t function that way for me.

Withanie Lemke
Ball chair frame

Wheels keep locking. Not happy with the quality.

Julie Kreber-Mullenix
This chair is awsome!

I really like my new ball and ball chair frame. I did get the black cover, which makes it fit into my workplace. I work in the front office of a busy advertising and multi-channel marketing firm. The 55" ball that fits the frame only came in purple, so the black cover is essential. I am working my way up. I am up to about 2 to 3 hours a day sitting on it. It does work your glutes and leg muscles for sure. I can especially feel it when I go from a sitting to standing position... It kind of feels lik that burn you get after doing squats, so I think it must be doing a lot of good. It helps me if I bounce a little before getting up from sitting on it to a standing position. I notice that it is nice to have this as an option to sit on during the day. I sit between 9 and 10 hours straight. I feel less in pain at the end of the day from sitting. I actually rotate from this ball chair to a good office chair with a Tush Cush, which makes it so I can sit all day. (Sitting was causing numbness and tingling pain, so both options really help! I got permission ahead of time from the owners of my company before I purchased this chair. It does not negatively affect the office job I do- it is just a new way of sitting to work your core, while working! I highly recommend this- everyone that sits all day should these!