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Convincing Your Boss

April 30, 2018 3 min read

Convincing Your Boss

While you may love your job or office, you might also feel like you’re missing something – a standing desk. When the days are long and the movement is sparse, sitting can begin to wear on you in more ways than one. While many companies have made the switch to a healthier, more active office with height-adjustable desks, some still need a little push. If you’re contemplating how to best ask your boss about getting a VARIDESK, we’ve put together five compelling points to help you along in the process to give your boss the push they need to make your office more active:

Return on Investment:

At any company, it’s important to know that your money is being put to good use. Often times managers can feel that standing desks are a luxury or a waste of money. However, recent studies show that with the amount of increased productivity that comes from using a standing desk, you can actually offset the cost of the desk over time [1]. This means that even if the cost of a standing desk can be off-putting in the beginning, it will be more than worth it in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Improved Health

In short, heathy employees are better employees to have. While sitting for extended periods of time can cause a slew of health issues, standing has been linked to increased lifespan, a faster metabolism, better heart health, and a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, to name a few [2]. Health issues cost companies a whopping $153 billion a year in lost productivity [3]. That’s billion with a “b.” By investing in employee health, there is a greater chance to increase productivity, reduce sick days, and and lower health insurance costs.

Improved Mood

The happier your employees, the harder they work. Standing while you work can improve mood and energy, making employees more productive, collaborative, and effective. In fact, one study found that happy employees were 12% more productive than the average worker, compared to unhappy workers, who were 10% less productive [4]. When companies invest in their employees’ wellness and happiness, more often than not it will pay off with increased collaboration and productivity in the office.

Quick and Simple

Most of the time, new office furniture can be a nightmare. Between the time and resources it takes to put together, not to mention the changes that need to be made to your current set-up, new furniture can bring more harm than good. With VARIDESK, there is no assembly and no adjusting. It comes out of the box ready to go and fits on your current desk, removing all the usual stress that comes with assembling and installing new office equipment.

No Risk

Sometimes, the risk is more than the reward. But with VARIDESK, there is no risk. If you don’t like your VARIDESK product, or it doesn’t end up working with your current set-up, you can return or exchange it, risk-free, within 30 days.

With VARIDESK, it’s easy to transition to a happier, healthier life of standing, and we hope your boss will think so, too. To learn or share more about why you should be using a VARIDESK at work, check out the rest of our blog or our site for business here.


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