sku: WAVE

Wave Soft Tissue Release Tool

The All-in-One Myofascial Release Tool

The Wave Soft Tissue Release Tool is the ultimate muscle scraping and soft tissue release tool.  It incorporates massage surfaces with IASTM and Guasha edges to effectively treat myofascial pain.  Designed to be an affordable, ergonomic multi-use tool for tissue wellness.

  • Releases myofascial restrictions, adhesions, and scar tissue
  • Therapeutic release of tension and neural restriction
  • Improves circulation and cellular activity
  • Enhances athletic recovery and performance
  • Precision edges allow for better results to stimulate the body's natural healing and self-repair ability
  • 3D ergonomic grips allow you to control the pressure you want
  • Portable, lightweight & fits in your pocket
  • Washable

Manufactured In:
Made in Sweden