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Wave Soft Tissue Release Tool

The All-in-One Myofascial Release Tool

From the biggest muscle groups to the smallest tendon, this muscle scraping and soft tissue release tool can treat them all. Nine different multi-shaped surfaces with IASTM and Guasha edges effectively treat myofascial pain.

The Wave Soft Tissue Release Tool was designed by a Colorado-based physical therapist and professional rock climber as an ergonomic multi-use tool for tissue wellness and health maintenance.

  • Releases myofascial restrictions, adhesions & scar tissue
  • Improve circulation & cellular activity
  • 3D ergonomic grips for controlling pressure

  • Releases myofascial restrictions, adhesions, & scar tissue
  • Therapeutic release of tension & neural restriction
  • Improves circulation & cellular activity
  • Enhances athletic recovery & performance
  • Precision edges allow for better results to stimulate the body's natural healing & self-repair ability
  • 3D ergonomic grips allow you to control the pressure you want
  • Portable, lightweight & fits in your pocket
  • Washable
  • Use with lotion such as Doctor Hoy's Arnica Boost

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Made in Sweden

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