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Wav® Sensorimotor Trainer

Strengthen the Brain Body Connection


The Wav® Sensorimotor Trainer is the first sensory based exercise bar designed to engage neural pathways for higher proprioception and quality of movement.  Available in three different weights for different level users:

  • The 2 lbs model is best for early rehabilitation and beginners to stimulate the nervous system without overwhelming the muscles or passive structures.  Also useful for youth, anyone with decreased muscle strength, or for chair-based training.
  • The 2.5 lbs model is best for general application in a variety of therapeutic exercises to tap into the neuromuscular system, improve mind/body connection and control.  Provides a challenging yet manageable weight for upper and lower extremity strength, trunk stability and balance applications.

  • The 3lbs model is ideal for athletic training and advanced exercise.  Challenges proprioceptive control and neuromuscular communication, especially sports training applications.
  • Improve proprioception, posture, balance, & stability
  • Restore functional & athletic competence
  • Improve movement through sitting & standing exercises
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