sku: ST1ROLL

CanDo Kinesiology Tape Rolls

Kinesiology Tape for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation


CanDo Kinesiology Tape is made from cotton/rayon fibers that are latex-free and hypoallergenic. This skin-friendly Kinesiology Tape has a wave-like acrylic adhesive on one side that pushes sweat and moisture away from the pate.  This tape is great for athletes.

  • Available as singles or 10pk
  • Can be stretched lengthways by 30-40%
  • Water-resistant & air-permeable so it doesn't come off in showers, pools or saunas
  • Comes in Beige & measures 2" x 103ft

Using kinesiology tape, joint and muscle instability can be improved, as can shaky joints or muscles that may be overly tired.

    • Available as 1 Box of 10 Rolls or as Single Rolls
    • Latex-free & hypoallergenic fibers
    • Each roll is 2" Wide by 103ft Long
    • Water-resistant & air-permeable

    Manufactured In:
    Made in China