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Rock On Clay 2oz

Soar, not Sore!

Rock On Clay products are made of the purest ingredients with natural healing properties and are designed for anyone looking to reduce their recovery time.  Designed for topical application, you can put this clay balm directly on areas of soreness and the minerals will be absorbed into your skin, allowing the natural  healing properties to reduce your recovery time and experience of pain.

  • Sourced from the pristine glacier mountains in BC
  • All-organic ingredients including coconut oil, olive oil, glacial clay, essential oils and cocoa butter
  • Also great after a post-workout shower, before bed, or after rolling on a ball of roam roller

Maximize your recovery routine by massaging the clay into sore and tired muscles.  Naturally controls excessive inflammation, draws out toxins, and replenishes lost minerals.

  • Rapid relief through Glacier Clay infused with essential oils and minerals
  • Apply directly to sore areas for natural healing
  • Reduce recovery time, inflammation & pain
  • Lightly scented with eucalyptus & peppermint
  • Organic, vegan and toxin-free
  • Increased flexibility and reduced recovery time

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Made in Canada

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