Naboso® Training Mat

Enhancing Movement Through Sensory Stimulation

Stimlulate your body's nervous system through the skin on the bottom of your feet!

The Naboso® Training Mat is made from patent-pending material, designed based on texture research and surface science. Users will notice an improvement in postural control, stability and strength.

Recommended for:  

  • Optimizing foot stimulation during standing barefoot exercises
  • Standing exercises with kettlebells, sandbags, Olympic lifting etc
  • Standing barefoot bodyweight exercises such as step ups, lunges etc.

Not recommended for: 

  • Floor work including yoga, Pilates, stretching or myofascial work. If this is your intended interest we recommend our Naboso® Mind Body Mat.

Measuring 72" x 24" x 5mm and weighing 5lbs the Naboso® Training Mat is designed to be lightweight and travel-friendly enabling you to bring your ideal barefoot training surface with you.

      • Latex-Free
      • Rolls up easily and comes with a carrying strap
      • Ideal for training and rehab exercises
      • Used barefoot, the texture improves proprioception
      • Activates the nervous system and the brain's connection to the ground to improve motor control
      • Stimulates nerves on bottoms of feet to reduce pain
      All Levels

      Manufactured In:
      Made in China