Smart Straps Bodyweight Training System

Suspension Trainer

The Smart Straps Bodyweight Training System is a revolutionary body weight training device that provides 12 self-guided exercises printed right on the straps!  Build your core and sculpt your body anywhere, anytime.  No more wrestling with floppy straps; easily place your foot in the pre-formed cuffs either facing down or facing up to perform even more core and leg exercises!  Use the two door anchors to secure the straps anywhere!  Toss over and loop tightly to a pole OR place them over a sturdy door, close, lock and you’re good to go.  Two individual straps allow for changing anchor widths for desired difficulty levels and different exercises.  Use the Strap Connector to join the two Smart Straps together and create free motion dynamic muscle balance and core intensification.  Set it up in less than 60 seconds in your home, at the park, at the beach, or anywhere you want to workout.

Includes 2 suspension training straps with exercises, door anchors built right into the straps and an a strap connector. With just 15 to 30 minutes each day, you will transform the way you look, feel & think.

Manufactured In:
Made in China