Plyometric Exercises With The Medicine Ball

By Dr. Joan Vernikos

First successfully used in Eastern Europe, plyometrics is now generally accepted in North America as a key to the training of successful championship athletes. More recently it has become a part of the general public's exercise regimen. Power requires an integrated program to develop its two complementary components, strength and speed. While weight training develops strength, plyometrics develops the explosiveness called speed.

This book describes Plyometric exercises designed for the upper extremities, trunk, and lower extremities. It also includes plyometric exercises for wheelchair athletes. Plyometrics conditions the body through dynamic, resistance exercises. By using a medicine ball to create the necessary resistance for these exercises, you can experience the entire range of motion which resembles that of your sport. These sport-specific exercises are not only more efficient in developing the power you desire, but more interesting, more challenging, and more motivating.

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