Smart Straps Bodyweight Training System

Suspension Trainer

Tone your whole body with an exercise suspension training system! Set these up in less than 60 seconds to workout anywhere. The Smart Straps Bodyweight Training System comes with signature self-guided program - 12 exercises printed right on the straps - so you'll never be wondering what to do.

  • Great for beginners and solid enough for experienced users
  • More versatility than other suspension trainers with two individual straps to change anchor widths for desired difficulty levels and different exercises.
  • Superb for free motion dynamic muscle balance and core intensification

The pre-formed cuffs are a game changer when it comes to getting your feet into the straps. No more wrestling with floppy straps. Forget fiddling with a carabiner, the integrated non-marking anchors let you secure the straps anywhere! Toss over and loop tightly to a pole, goal post or tree branch OR place them over a sturdy door, close, lock and you’re good to go.

  • Progress your exercises using your bodyweight
  • Be stronger from your core out
  • Increase your body's durability & endurance
  • Workout anywhere with built-in door anchors & the included Strap Connector
  • 12 self-guided exercises printed right on the straps
  • Length is easily adjustable & holds securely during use
  • Setup is fast & easy, under 60 seconds
  • Solid enough for Clubs, Gyms & Home Use

Manufactured In:
Made in China