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Bobo Home

Turn Any Balance Product Into A Wireless, Smart Training Tool


Bobo Home is a smart board system that turns any balance training product into an integrative smart training platform.  Ideal for home use on its own or with any Fitterfirst Balance Board.

Bobo Smart Balance products use breakthrough technology to make workouts more challenging, engaging, motivating and fun. Set the smart board on any balance product, and turn it on to connect to the app on your smart phone, tablet, or smart TV. Tilting the Bobo is like using a joystick to control motivating, challenging games, either custom or games of your choice.

  • Gamify your balance training through the Bobo app
  • Training & exercise routines for all ages and activity levels
  • 15 x 15 inch board fits most balance surfaces comfortably with nonslip base

Turn any balance product into a smart training platform. With a wide range of training poses, exercise levels and games it is perfect for all ages. Integrate mobile tilt games into traditional balance exercises with Bobo Smart Balance products

  • For clubs, clinics, gyms, training & rehabilitation try the Bobo Pro, with its app-based database of pre-set rehabilitation protocols to help patients perform various postural exercises in a simple, effective way. 

  • Improve balance, strength, range of motion & proprioception
  • Wide range of training poses, exercise levels & games for all ages
  • Integrates mobile tilt games into traditional balance exercises
  • Connects to any smart phone, tablet, or smart TV
  • Home kit is ideal for any user, comes with Smart Board, Balance Pad, Pump, Cable, & Guide
  • Safe, non-slip surface for any type of footwear or bare feet

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