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Fitterfirst Slant Board

Increase Flexibility and Reduce Tightness


The Fitterfirst Slant Board is an effective device for stretching muscles in the leg - particularly the arch, calf, hamstring and hips.  Its adjustability makes it an ideal stretching tool for beginners and professionals alike.  It is well suited to use in a clinic, club or at home.  The new 12 inch Regular Slant Board now starts at a lower 10 degree angle to meet the BESTest Balance Evaluation System Test requirements.  The 14 inch Large Slant Board is suited to larger foot sizes, with steeper angles for a deep stretch and has a carry handle.

  • SLANT12 Regular 12" Slant Board = 10, 20 and 26 degree angles
  • SLANTL 14 Large 14" Slant Board = 20, 30 and 40 degree angles
Made from solid 3/4 birch plywood and available in two sizes. Adjusts to 3 levels and folds flat. Safe, non-slip top and bottom surfaces.
Shipping Weight:
4.6 kg

Product Dimensions:
Fitterfirst Slant Board-Regular - 12": 12" x 11.75" x 2"
Fitterfirst Slant Board-Large - 14": 15" x 14.75" x 2.25"
Manufactured In:
Made in Canada

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