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sku: FBCJ45

Classic Exercise Ball

Highest Quality, Burst-Resistant Exercise Ball for Sitting, Stretching and Strengthening

  • Ball pump NOT included
  • Limited Stock - Discontinued
  • Not for Commercial Use

The original Active Sitting solution!  The Fitterfirst Classic Exercise Ball is suited for general use as an active sitting option or for your everyday exercise routine. This balance ball is perfect for the everyday health and fitness needs of all, from seniors to home exercisers to world-class athletes. Regular use for exercise or active sitting will improve your trunk and pelvic stability and core strength.

45 cm exercise ball is sized perfect for kids 

  • PVC material is recyclable!
  • By their nature balls only last for a limited time & replace balls every 12-24 months or at first signs of wear, especially in high-use settings
When replacing a ball please check your local area for PVC recycling options.  For curbside pickup customers FItterfirst can also take old or punctured exercise balls for recycling.



    • Burst-resistant up to 286lb (130kg) with a static load rating of 1000lb (454kg)
    • Firm PVC-base construction that allows for shape resilience
    • Labeled with a production date code and place for to write inflation date for safety

    Manufactured In:
    Made in Germany

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Chad Halford
    Best ball on the market

    Without a doubt, you cannot beat these. I have implemented them in our club as I have had my first classic ball for 16 years and counting. Even in a club setting, these balls only need to be pumped up once a year. They also have a great texture to them which prevents the ball from slipping out from under you, and has a good stick so you don't roll/fall of them.


    These chair balls are great. We ordered the "cheap" ones and they popped within a week. These are holding up quite nice!

    Best ball chair in the market

    It's been over 10 years since I purchased my first Classic Ball Chair for work. I've moved several times and each job I transitioned to, I've brought the chair ball with me. I've never had any leaking air or puncture issues. I'm still using the same one at work and never had to re-pump the ball since the first day I received it in the mail. These are way more durable and thicker material than the usual exercise balls you see in the market or for half the price online. The quality of the Fitter1 chair ball is far superior. I've seen my coworkers purchased the cheaper ones in stores and they are so thin and does not hold their shape or air. Fitter1 chair balls are SO worth the money! I'm back now buying the 75cm one for my home office as I will be starting my graduate program which means lots of sitting at home too. The one I have currently at work is the 65cm and I am 5'2".

    Alan Rogers
    75cm ball

    The plastic of which this ball is made seems slightly harder and more durable that that of competing balls. I suspect this one will last longer. I've had one for over a decade and just bought another for my office. These balls do not leak air. I never have to pump mine up to keep it firm.

    Classic Exercise Ball Chair.

    Got this for my 12 year old son for his birthday. He loves it! Whenever and where ever he sits, he grabs the ball! We have two in the house now and now the other two boys jockey over the other ball.