sku: 3DEER

3Dee Active Office Chair - BLUE

Move, Naturally

Not all movement is healthy. Monotonous movements, abrupt movements, too much movement and unnatural movements can stress the body.

That’s why the 3Dee-Active-Office-Chair motion concept was developed with health experts, chiropractors, and doctors. The 3Dee concept is different. It’s patented, it works…..and it feels good!

    Setting options
    • Seat height
    • Weight (spring soft/harness)
    • Flexible sideways movement
    • Backrest tension
    • Lumbar Support
    The 3Dee is the result of absolute consistency: in engineering as well as in design. It makes for a sustainable change of office life: More well-being, higher energy, better balance. With 180 patents, such as the patented 3D technology, sets 3Dee apart from regular ergonomic office chairs. It supports and encourages movements to the side, forward, backward and even vertical swinging. In addition, the comfortable, semi-high back comes with individually adjustable lumbar support - ideal for conscious relaxation in between. With it's sleek design, the 3Dee chair is as appealing to look at as it is comfortable to sit on.

    Manufactured In:
    Made in Germany