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What is Naboso Technology?

December 28, 2021 5 min read

What is Naboso Technology?

Who is Naboso


Dr. Emily Splichal, Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist, is the mind behind Naboso. With a spirit to challenge conformity, Dr. Splichal has taken her conventional Podiatric Medical degree and combined it with years of experience and expertise in human movement and sensory science to found Naboso.


Naboso is for people who want to improve the way they move, feel, and live. Naboso provides the first-ever small nerve proprioceptive insoles and mates designed to stimulate the nervous system and enhance movement.


From insoles, flooring, and yoga & training mats to myofascial release balls, sensory sticks, and toes spreaders Naboso puts sensory movement at the forefront of their mission.  


     Naboso Founder Dr. Emily Splichal



The Backstory


Founder and CEO of Fitterfirst, Louis Stack shares his medical foot history and the divine intervention with Naboso in 2019.


“I earned my foot fetish the hard way.  By the age of 14, I was 6’3 tall and had a size 14 foot. Shoes that fit were hard to come by in the 1970’s but Birkenstock sandals were perfect for letting my foot hang over the front and back once they were broken in. I had extra bones in my huge big toes and formed giant spurs on both heels. At 23 I hit the end of my rope when putting ski boots on was so painful I had to stop doing it. That summer I went under the knife of a 70 year old surgeon and in one operation he cut off ⅓  off each big toe and a huge chunk of both heels. After a week in a hospital bed, walking was very difficult as I had to lean back on crutches and put no weight on my toes or heels.


Six months later I was able to stand up straight but had serious balance problems which led to the creation of Pro Fitter and Fitter International Inc. the company who has been  “Leading the World to Better Balance.” since 1985. I have been developing and searching for effective balance products for folks of all skill levels ever since.  Attending over 1100 medical and healthcare events worldwide has afforded me exposure to places and things most people will never see.  Five years of World Cup ski racing  in the 1990’s painted an even more interesting picture as I spent a lot of time with very high performing athletes and by default I was faced with some pretty serious rehab situations as well.”




A Divine Intervention


Louis’ story continued…


“In 2019, Austin Texas just pre COVID, I was at TRE (The Running Event) which is a wholesale Running Industry Meeting. Earlier that year at another event I had purchased some cool sandals with little pyramid spikes on them to stimulate the soles of your feet. I liked them a lot.  A fellow named Michael from Naboso came up to me and showed me his innovative insoles, to my surprise, these were the same technology I had currently in my sandals. It turns out that the sandal guys were one of their partners. He explained the’ why’ of Naboso and gave me a second pair for my Xero Shoes which were given to me from IMPACT magazine for being a judge for the Top Fitness Trainer in Canada. I loved them as I have foot neuropathy so the front of my feet are numb.



 Naboso & Xero Shoes



Naboso foot insoles help stimulate the small proprioceptive nerves of my feet to allow them to feel more response from every step I take.  Perfect, my balance response improves with every step. It seems to be one of the best ideas for improving balance I have seen yet as it never stops giving!  On my flight home I kept thinking about it and the idea in the back of my mind that a very small improvement with every step one takes will add up very fast to a life changing experience.  It all starts at the ground when the foot strikes the earth then the human experience takes control- the better it responds the higher your quality of life.  It is that simple  when you really break it down to the basics.

Do I like Naboso?  Yes, a whole bunch! I wear their insoles in all my shoes, I use their other products for my reits syndrome hands, and anywhere I have nerve related reception issues. I always close with my saying,


Balance is the essence of Movement,

        Movement is the essence of Life!


Naboso offers Balance with every Movement for Life!



Get a Good Footing on Understanding Feet


It is tough to dive into all the amazing benefits of Naboso without first understanding proprioception. Proprioception can be thought of as your internal perception of where your body is in space. For example, if you are to rotate your wrist right now, think about how there are tiny little nerves that surround your joint and your joint capsule which is telling you that it is either stretching forward, backward, or side to side. Every joint in the human body has these small nerves that provide your body with information of  how it is moving. These proprioceptors can also be found in the skin of the bottom of the feet and palms of our hands. The skin in the bottom of the feet is unique to the rest because it is the only area where these proprioceptors meet the ground. They perceive different information like how hard you hit the ground, how you stretch, different temperatures, etc. Your body uses this information to find its balance and manage the “shifts” that it makes to account for these signals during dynamic movement.


Your feet process this proprioceptive information very quickly and are sensitive to texture. Naboso Technology helps to stimulate these proprioceptors.Naboso Technology is a very small, subtle yet precisely designed shape and distance to accurately stimulate your feet. This all means that if you use Naboso Technology in your daily life training, working, walking, ect. You will get faster information through your feet which will ultimately help to make you more stable. Whether you are an athlete, trying to reduce falls, or are recovering from an ankle sprain you will gain the benefit of being more in control of your movements using this proprioceptive Naboso Technology.


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_chJd3SRv08&ab_channel=NabosoTechnology



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